I learned something new, today. I have always thought that Twelfth Night was January 6th – the Epiphany. It appears that it can also be January 5th!

My way of reckoning starts the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas on December 26th. The Church of England starts the First Day of Christmas on Christmas Day! Who knew?!?

Tradition also states that Christmas Decorations are supposed to be down by Twelfth Night or risk bad luck. Well… we blew that one regardless of which day it is – the decorations are still ablaze. We will probably start taking them down tomorrow. Once upon a time, we took them down on New Year’s Day. Now… we put it off as long as possible. I’d leave it all up until Easter if I thought I could get away with it.

With it being colder than an ice cube outside, we may as well start moving and get it done. There’s only 20 or so bins that need to come back up from the basement, get filled, and hauled back down…

Piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Once upon a time, that would not have been remarkable – we had it all the time. But when Nonna decided she no longer liked spaghetti, we stopped for a long time. The past few months have seen us cooking two meals more often. Her list of dislikes keeps growing. It’s actually easier to cook two meals than try and cook something we will all eat.

I made the meatballs back in December and froze them. The sauce was Victor’s. Garlic bread on the side. The perfect meal after a long day.

Dessert is going to be brownies with a chocolate ganache.

Time to put the feet up!