I took some ground beef out of the freezer before work this morning, figuring I’d throw something together when I got home. I had no plan – but we do have plenty of things to use up… lots of tomatoes from the garden, cheeses… we always have a well-stocked larder.

We’re actually going out tonight – just like Big People. Tickets to see HAIR at Footlighter’s Theater in Berwyn – right down the road from us.

I first saw HAIR in 1968 at the Geary Theatre in San Francisco with my high school Drama class. I’m thinking it may have been my very first actual real, live, professional theatre experience. It was pretty cool and it definitely set the stage – so to speak – for my love of live performances. The Geary back in those days had a third balcony that was pretty much right up against the ceiling and the back wall. The stairs were steep and if you tripped you probably would have gone tumbling over and into the crowd below.

Berger, in the San Francisco run, swung down from that third balcony onto the stage for a pretty dramatic entrance. I’m not sure if he was in his loincloth at that point or if it came later, but… I was enthralled. A live cute boy swinging through the air and in a loincloth on stage. I was definitely in my element!

I’ve been humming the music all day, revisiting those thrilling days of yesteryear, and was thinking of what to make on the way home. When I walked in the house, Victor had dinner all made – LASAGNE!!!

Talk about psyched!

Major Let the Sunshine In!

Ya know how something unexpected can sometimes be so much better than something planned? This was one of those times – especially since Victor makes such good lasagne!

The toothpicks show the dividing line between the hot pepper side and the Nonna-No-Pepper side. She won’t eat spicy and we love it. We do what we need to do…

Layers of cheese and ground beef and tomatoes and tomato sauce from the garden…

It’s the dawning of the age of aquarius!