Last night we were discussing tonight’s dinner – Victor had said he wanted to make an eggplant lasagne – when he asked what I thought of adding some of the hot peppers from the garden. My eyes lit up, I started drooling, and said “YES!!!” Eggplant from the garden. Tomatoes from the garden. Peppers from the garden. Basil and oregano from the garden. It just doesn’t get any better.

This is how easy cooking at our house is… A comment was made and a recipe was born… And it’s a recipe that will be made again and again.

This really is the secret to cooking – take something you know you like and play with it. It’s just not difficult. And for all those folks out there who say they’re just not creative… Yes, you are. Just go for it – to quote a famous footwear and apparel company. Seriously, the worst thing – the absolutely worst thing that can happen is you throw it all out and call for pizza.

I have to admit that I’ve made a few things that I’ll never make again, but I haven’t had to call for pizza, yet.

Tonight, Victor made his basic Eggplant Lasagne and added peppers in the layers. He seeded and fried the peppers in olive oil and then added the oil to the homemade, fresh from the garden tomato sauce. It was outrageously good.

It’s amazing what you can do with a single eggplant. And there’s a lot more where this one came from.

I think tomorrow night I’m doing something with short ribs. And more goodies from the garden…