It’s Victor’s first week of retirement – and we’re eating better than ever!

Monday didn’t count because it was a holiday (I made a pot roast) and I worked late Tuesday, but Wednesday was seafood, Thursday was peppers stuffed with apple sausage, and Friday was Grilled Pesto Chicken.

I’m liking this!

It’s great that Victor can cook and that he likes to channel his inner Jacques Pepin. And my motto is If You’re cooking, I’m eating. There is not much in the food world I don’t like, so there’s free reign to do what he likes. And I like it!

Since we’ve started this year’s garden, it’s time to use up the last of last year’s bounty – and the pesto in the freezer is almost finished. He marinated the chicken in pesto and olive oil, and after they were grilled, they got a hefty topping of more pesto. Delish.

We also finished off the broccoli cheesecake from the other night, as well.

It really can be a pain in the arse coming up with dinner ideas every night. It’s especially difficult because we’re locked into an early mealtime with Nonna. But creativity abounds when there are two people willing to come up with the ideas.

Here’s to many more fun meals!