Just on the other side of the sweet potatoes are roasted golden beets. They are the beets I used to convince Victor that he actually liked beets – something he thought he loathed. It seems what he actually loathed were canned pickled beets – those deep purple things that get put on salads and stain everything they touch. That’s reasonably understandable – although I’ll eat them in a pinch. I’ve never met a beet I didn’t like.

We grew a few beets last year, but this year I’ve planted quite a few – two different varieties from Seed Savers ExchangeChioggia Beets and Golden Beets. The Chioggia are a Pre-1840 Italian historic variety, introduced to the U.S. before 1865. Named for a fishing town near Venice. Uniquely beautiful flesh has alternating red and white concentric rings that resemble a bull’s-eye. A feast for the eyes; wonderful for fresh eating and pickling. Retains markings if baked whole and sliced just before serving. 

The Golden Beets are an organic beet introduced in 1970 by Burpee Seed Co. Dual purpose beet for roots and greens. Roots are globe-shaped and bright orange, turning golden-yellow when cooked. Tender and mild even when large. Will not bleed like red beets. Sweet flavorful leaves.

If you are interested in growing from seed, Seed Savers is a great organization. We picked up several items from them – beans, beets, different heirloom tomatoes, leeks, eggplant, brussels sprouts…  We actually started out late but the garden is really coming along in spite of us. I can’t wait to start harvesting.

Tonight I just peeled and roasted them with yellow potatoes and a sweet potato – olive oil, garlic, and some fresh herbs. Pretty basic, but loaded with flavor. The chicken was marinated in the same things and grilled. No reason to pull out a bunch more things. And it’s fun to compare the different items with the same seasonings – they’re all different – yet similar.

Seafood for dinner tomorrow night – Victor will be cooking – and then who knows for the weekend. I’m off Saturday and Sunday and the weather is supposed to just get hotter each day.

It may be time for cold fried chicken and watermelon!