Victor is practicing for retirement. It’s three weeks away. We’re both psyched – although he’s a tad more psyched than me. I have 14 months to go.

One of his retirement plans is to spend more time in the kitchen. I’ve always done more of the cooking because my schedule allowed it.

Because I do more cooking – and write the blog – I tend to get all the accolades and glory, but Victor is a fantastic cook – and baker. He’s intuitive – he just knows what to do. He’s definitely a better pasta-maker than I’ll ever be, and it’s his sauce I can every couple of months – not mine. I love walking in the door and seeing a new cake or dessert on the table, or a tray of focaccia – or just something simmering on the stove.

Tonight is a perfect example. A fritatta was in the making as I walked in. Simplicity at its finest – a couple of links of sausage, some oven-roasted potatoes, a few strips of bacon, onion, cheese, tomato slices – and eggs. Some herbs thrown in along with some salt and pepper. Dinner is served.

We’re both enjoying the simplicity of foods, again. We’ve gone through periods of vastly-complex recipes building layer-upon-layer of flavors and textures – and still enjoy them – but the older we get, the more we are embracing a few good ingredients and letting them speak for themselves.

And this was one of them.

Enough for dinner and plenty for lunch tomorrow, as well. Even Nonna cleaned her plate.

Yes. I am really looking forward to retirement.