It’s a bit rainy and cold out, today – perfect for some homemade soup and bread!

We had our Easter ham bone in the freezer, so I pulled it out and Victor made Bean Soup. While he busied himself with that, I made bread.

It’s rather fun what one can create with a bone and some water. Add heat, some vegetables, some legumes – and dinner is served!

It’s really the same thing with bread. Some flour, some yeast, and a bit of imagination brings everything together.

The recipe for the bread comes from my Mom’s Cook Book. It was something she cut out of a newspaper 50 or so years ago and, while I’m not sure if she ever made it while I was at home, it’s definitely one of those recipes she would have embellished. I can see her adding cheese and all sorts of things to it.

Today, however, I played it straight. So to speak.

I followed the recipe as written – and made one loaf of bread and six rolls. This is where those double ovens really come into play – the loaf up top for 40 minutes and the rolls down below for 25.

This was the first one I rolled out – for the bread loaf.

It went right into the pan…


And came out perfect!

Same with the rolls… Rolled and formed…


And baked to perfection!

Really easy to pull together and we’re set with bread for the next few days.

I’m thinking that maybe we should have burgers for dinner tomorrow night…..