Ya know… it’s not all foie gras and Dom Perignon around our house. Once and awhile we channel our inner trailerpark and see what we can throw together. Tonight was one of those nights…

Even gastronomical geniuses become brain-dead after time, and have to fall back on dishes one imagines one had in their youth – although I rather doubt my mom stooped this low. With six kids to feed, she was Queen of Casseroles, but she had standards.

I’ve been trying to clean out the freezer since I tend to pack it out from time to time. I can’t even imagine the damage I would do if we had another ‘fridge or freezer downstairs. Finite freezer space forces me to use things – like the container of turkey stew that went in there awhile back. Waste not, want not, ya know?!?

I didn’t have quite enough for a full dinner, so I cooked off some ground chicken and added a carton of cream of chicken soup. Yes. Cream of Chicken soup. It was organic. Low as they are, I have my standards, too.

The filling went into the casserole dish and tater tots went on top. Into a 350° oven for 45 minutes.

It was good. No. It was fantastic! Totally.

I highly recommend it.