Feed a cold, feed a fever, I always say… And on Day Three of the Cold From Hell, chicken soup is really what the Doctor ordered.

I am not sure where this one came from. I felt fine all day Monday, went to bed, and woke up about midnight with a sinus headache and the runny nose from hell. Not wishing to be too graphic, but in the dark when I woke up, I thought I had a bloody nose, it was pouring out so fast. And it went down hill from there. The runny nose turned into the cough and sore throat. And the headache continued. It may have been my body just going into shock knowing who’s being inaugurated tomorrow. If I catch a cold at all, it’s usually in late fall… Delayed reaction from November 8th…

Miraculously on the eve of day three, I’m actually feeling better. Gallons of liquids, and gallons of chicken soup have been doing their magic – along with copious amounts of Robitussin Extreme. And Tabasco sauce. Lots and lots of Tabasco in my soup, along with a growing Resistance. Whatever it takes, right?!?

Victor had made a huge batch of Italian Wedding Soup on Sunday, so we started off with lots of Italian Jewish Penicillin and today he made a new batch to keep me going. So far, it seems to be working – I’m not nearly as congested, sneezy, snotty, or barking like a seal.

The soup is pretty basic – chicken, broth, celery, onion, garlic, carrots, and orzo. Great stuff.

So, trivia… Do you know where the adage feed a cold starve a fever came from?

It seems that once upon a time, people thought of the body like a furnace – adding food was like adding heat, so if you had a cold you stoked the fire and added heat – and if you had a fever, you were already hot so you took the heat source away to cool down.

This was before we knew about stem cells and stuff. Back in the Flat-Earth Society Days we’re heading back into.