Victor is in Chicago for work, which leaves me, Blanche, and Nonna fending for ourselves.

Once upon a time, when Victor took off for work trips, I would subsist on chili dogs while doing a surprise project around the house. That kinda changed when we moved Nonna in with us. I actually have to prepare reasonably healthy meals at prescribed times for her, so making noise whenever and standing by the stove eating cold chili out of the pot isn’t quite in the plan, anymore.

Times do change…

I still have a couple of pounds of peaches so I thought a couple would be a good start for breakfast. My first thought was to cut them up into yogurt – and I actually grabbed the yogurt out of the ‘fridge – when something clicked in the brain and peach pancakes became an immediate obsession.

The yogurt went back into the ‘fridge and I grabbed a mixing bowl.

I added some corn meal to the pancake mix just because, added an egg, and eyeballed the milk. Chopped up two nice, ripe peaches, and stirred them in. Into the skillet and onto the plate.

Breakfast was a success. Not nearly as healthy as my yogurt, but it put a smile on my face. Not a bad thing.

And maybe a chili dog for lunch… I’m sure there’s an emergency can of Hormel down in the basement…