April 9th… It’s snowing. Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen.

It’s pretty fun to see the snow covering the garden and Nonna burrowing into her electric throw.  I think it snowed one other time in April since we moved here, but it was a long time ago.

A long time ago when I lived up at Tahoe, April snow was the norm – and wanted. I definitely wanted to push the ski season as late as possible. I could ski for free at Northstar right up the road from our house and get in a few runs before work or a few night runs after. It beat driving all the way down to Squaw – especially since they had raised their day tickets to the outrageous sum of $20.00! We actually skied Squaw one year on July 4th. I think only one run way up on top was still open and it was pretty poor snow – but we did it, anyway. Youth and drugs… what can I say?!?

Ah… Tahoe… I had a great time living there. Too great. But it was fun for almost 5 years…

The house where we used to live is now a VRBO rental… We paid $425/mo back in the day.

The bridge wasn’t there when we lived there… It was a walk down the hill and then up stairs to the door.


And new floors… We had indoor/outdoor carpet wall-to-wall.


Four bedrooms, 2 baths, and a loft… It was a great house. The first two years it was me, Steve, Dusty, and Keith. The second 2 years was me, Michael, Clare, and Susan. Thank the gods those walls can’t talk. Really.


Fast-forward almost 40 years and here’s what it looks like 3000 miles east… And this is a color picture…


Oh well…  It will be gone in a day. I just want it to warm up.

So back to soup…

This was a definite clean-out-the-refrigerator soup… Chicken broth, chicken, leeks, pinto beans, garlic, celery, carrots, peas, green beans, barley, black lentils, corn, potatoes… And cheesy garlic bread. Nonna passed on the bread but cleaned her bowl. It really was pretty good.

I’m really more in the mood for salads at this point, so c’mon, Mother Nature… Cooperate!