Victor got his new camera lens, today. I have to say it is pretty cool. So while he was out and about taking pictures of everything under the sun – you really do need to practice with a new lens – I cooked dinner. What I didn’t quite realize – because I didn’t actually plan dinner – was that everything I was making was yellow.

Yellow carrots, yellow polenta, and a yellowish chicken cutlet. So much for that rainbow of color we’re supposed to have on our plates!

But heck with dinner… isn’t that picture of the polenta cool? I can see some fun photos coming our way!

It’s rather obvious that I’m not a food stylist and this blog isn’t an award-winning photo-journal of foods too pretentious to actually eat. This is plain ol’ cooking that most anyone can do – with plain ol’ pictures most anyone can take. While that’s not really going to change, I do think I’ll be asking Victor to take a few shots now and again when we make something fancy-schmancy. The first thing I’m thinking of is an Italian chocolate dessert I’m making for Easter.

Better yet, maybe I can convince him to shoot the entire Easter table – item-by-item!

Fun times, ahead!

In the meantime… the yellow dinner tonight was yellow carrots, steamed and then drizzled with honey, a tube of store-bought polenta sliced and sauteed in butter, and chicken cutlets dredged in flour, egg, and then flour, again. 03-22-16-chicken-1