I bake a fair amount of bread but I don’t make a lot of sandwich-type breads. The loaves I usually bake tend to be rustic Italian or French-style. No real reason other than I just like the crusty rustic breads.

I thought it would be a nice change to bake off a couple of loaves of sandwich bread just for the hell of it. I do like sandwiches – even if I don’t eat them all that often. And we all know that my favorite food – after hot dogs – is toast.

So… armed with Mom’s Cook Book, I went to work. I quickly found a recipe that seemed perfect for what I was looking for.


It’s a really straightforward recipe that was really easy to put together in the ol’ KitchenAid. I used exactly six cups of flour, so do add slowly at the end and use your best judgement. Making the loaves was easy, as well, but it’s obvious I need to work on my loaf formation skills. They’ve gotten a bit rusty since those massive-loaf-production-days in Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club. But – it’s not all about what they look like – it’s about what it tastes like – and I do have to admit it tastes pretty damned good.

It has a soft white-white crumb with a slightly crunchy/chewy crust. I cut the first slice when the bread was still a bit too warm for a proper cutting but the flavor is definitely there. One loaf will be going right into the freezer and the other will be dinner tonight, breakfast and lunch – and probably dinner – tomorrow.

Not bad. Not bad, at all…