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Breakfast For Dinner


We were just sitting down to dinner when the phone rang. It was my brother, asking if we had seen the news. We hadn’t, and it was with a glass of blood orange juice in my hand that I learned of Antonin Scalia being found dead in Texas.

I smiled and raised my glass in a toast saying that I was glad he lived long enough to see gay marriage the law of the land.

And then we continued dinner, remarking about what a lovely day it was.

Fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. What a treat. And corned beef hash – from a can. Fried potatoes and eggs over-easy. Perfection. Well – the perfection part came from the toast – French Bread Toast.

As a kid, one of my most favorite things was crunchy-crusty French bread toast. I’m a bread-lover from way back. And I have always been a fan of Corned Beef Hash.

I know, I know… the stuff is not exactly health-food, but, damn, once in a while it just can’t be beat – especially with a couple of nice, over-easy eggs on top and some crispy potatoes on the side. The mandoline comes in handy for dicing potatoes. Nice, even slices turn into nice, even cubes.

As good as it was, though. not going to top our Valentine’s Day Dinner. Victor is making Lasagne – including homemade lasagne noodles  -and I’m making Pane Siciliano – a Sicilian bread.

Lovely day, indeed…

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