Friday Fish. There’s a concept I haven’t thought about since childhood…

We didn’t eat a lot of fish when I was a kid, other than canned tuna and the occasional fried shrimp. Mom wasn’t crazy about fish and we ate what mom liked – she was the cook. Fridays would be things like tuna casserole or her really good tuna salad – canned tuna, iceberg lettuce, celery, and mayonnaise. I never ever saw a Mrs Paul’s Fish Stick – ever. I still don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten one in my almost 64 years. They’re just not something that evokes childhood, ya know?!?

It took me a while to like fish and nowadays there’s nothing I won’t eat, but it’s usually not the first thing I think of when contemplating dinner. I need something to catch my eye – like the package of Dover Sole that fell out of the freezer when I opened it last night. It was an omen. Dinner solved.

I had cherry tomatoes and I had kalamata olives, so I thought a faux-Mediterranean topping on a cornmeal-breaded fillet would work just fine.

I sauteed a bit of onion in olive oil, added the sliced tomatoes, the kalamata olives, garlic, and a splash of white wine, and cooked it all down.

Foe the fish, it was simply breaded with a mixture of flour and coarse cornmeal and fried in an olive oil and butter mixture.


Methinks it’s time to bring a bit of seafood back into the house a bit more often…