Hi there!  My name is  Tim and this is what I do in my spare time.  It’s mostly me talking about what we had for dinner, but it’s also a fun place to gather a recipe or two and glimpse a picture of that dinner, too.

My husband of 20+ years, Victor, and I cook at home almost every night of the week.  We both love food, love to eat, and have a great time in the kitchen together.

We used to share our dinners – when the ingredients were appropriate – with our little girl, Cybil Shepherd.  She was a border collie/german shepherd mix who adopted us from the Chester County SPCA in 2003 when she was about a year old. Cybil left us in January 2015, and our new little girl, Blanche, is not as fortunate. She’s a full-blood german shepherd mix who is going to maintain her weight. It’s dog food for her.

And we now share our meals with Victor’s mother. We have moved Nonna in with us because she’s getting old and it’s just what ya do.

I’ve been involved in the food business for nigh on 53 years and still manage to enjoy it most of the time!

I started out in a small donut and pastry shop in San Francisco, circa 1961. I was a little kid with a Saturday morning job washing sheet pans for the baker. In the ensuing years, I cooked and baked in Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club on the USS Ranger and at bases in San Diego. I also worked in restaurants all over San Francisco and Lake Tahoe’s North Shore (with a brief stint in Portland, OR) before leaving the professional cooking end of things and getting into hotel F& B management.

I spent close to 14 years in the hotel business, opening hotels all over the USofA, returned home to San Francisco in 1989 where I got into health care – first at SFGH, and then at UCSF. I moved to a small hospital in San Leandro, CA for a couple of years as Director of Nutrition Services before we moved to Pennsylvania, in 2001.

Victor owned his own restaurant in Philadelphia’s South Street, spent several years in Atlantic City hotels, and, after moving to San Francisco with me, got into the travel industry. He’s also an accomplished cook, leaning heavily on his Italian heritage to create fabulous meals.  His Monday Pasta Night is out of this world.

There are now eight cook books and/or recipe collections on the site as well as the blog.  It’s a labor of love.  No ads except for the occasional political stuff since I’m a left-leaning liberal – but no click here and save stuff.  Just fun recipes from some pretty fun family and friends.

Life is good.