Our garden out back has been paying off! Victor even ate beets tonight – and liked them!

It is so much fun walking out back and getting things for dinner, but our first harvests have definitely let us know where we need to plant more intelligently.

We’re both novices at the whole gardening business. Other than tomatoes and peppers, we haven’t done a lot, so, when we got back from vacation in early September, we planted lots of stuff without really thinking out usage. Typical rookie stuff, planting everything at once instead of spreading it out so it doesn’t all ripen on the same day. Basic DUH! stuff…

So now we’re eating fast – and blanching and freezing some stuff, as well.

But back to those beets…

WOW! What a difference just-picked makes!


They were so fragrant and crisp.

After washing and peeling, I sliced them into thick slices and – per Victor’s request – sauteed them in olive oil and garlic. And a pinch of salt and pepper.


I just let them cook in the pan and after flipping them splashed in some water to help steam them and tenderize them a bit. The water evaporated away and a luscious caramelized beet was in the pan!

Victor, who has never cared for beets and absolutely loathes pickled beets, said I should pickle some! We don’t really have enough to can this time around, but methinks I can get another batch going next year. We shall see…

In the meantime, there’s a few more things out there that need picking. I think Saturday is going to be a fun garden dinner!