I had it in my mind to make pasta when I got home, today. Victor had the same idea – except his idea was even better than mine!

Victor cooks a lot on Saturday. It’s his day of domesticity – laundry, vacuuming, that sort of thing – and more often than not, a great dinner. I love it! It is great pulling into the driveway on my last day of work for the week and seeing Victor in the kitchen. Really great!

Tonight was no exception… I saw him through the window and I knew something good was afloat.

We had some Alaskan cod in the freezer and Victor simmered it in a jar of his homemade sauce. Simplicity. And totally delicious. Nice-sized chunks of cod gave the sauce a delicate hint of seafood and fresh pecorino romano and basil on top brought it right over the top. I hate to keep harping on it, but it really is so easy to cook decent meals at home on a regular basis. You just have to do it. And the more you do it the better you become and the better you become the easier it is… Really. It’s like canning 14 quarts of sauce at one time… Yes, it takes a bit of time to do it, but the payoff is fresh sauce without crap in it.

I’m getting a bit nervous, though… I think we’re down to only 2 quarts of sauce left. It was my hope that we could get through until our (in my dreams) bumper-crop of tomatoes was here and we could make a vat using fresh tomatoes. Methinks we may have to make a batch using the last of the San Marzano tomatoes downstairs in the very near future. Oh well. The things we have to suffer through…

Tomorrow is my day in the kitchen. I’m planning on making a vat of Peach Sriracha BBQ Sauce. I have the peaches, the onions, the red peppers, the tomatoes, and the sriracha… I’ve been kinda formulating a recipe in my head for the past few days. We’ll see how it comes about tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain for the next 36 or so hours, so making a few gallons of BBQ sauce sounds like a fun thing to do.

And in the meantime… my tummy is smiling and I am one happy and content guy…