It’s been stifling all day. August heat and humidity at the end of May. We really have ceased to have a measurable Spring, anymore. We go right from winter to summer with a couple of decent days interspersed along the way. It sucks.

Right now, we’re having a typical summer thunderstorm. It’s banging away with some pretty heavy downpours – the first rain we’ve seen all month. There’s no denying Climate Change around here.

This is also Blanche’s first storm. She’s handling it pretty well, but she’s not exactly thrilled. No distress or acting crazy, but she’d rather it be sunshine and quiet. So would I – except we need the rain.

So… Since it’s hotter than hot outside, I thought salads were the way to go for dinner… I grilled a flank steak – added a dry rub of our various Kansas City spices – and threw it on the grill. Meanwhile, I cut up a cucumber and a zucchini, sliced up some mini tomatoes, added a couple of hard cooked eggs, olives, and blackberries. I love berries on my salads!

Victor made a really good dressing with our stash of Sicilian olive oil and thick, syrupy really-aged balsamic vinegar.

Outstanding, in fact.

The storm seems to be losing steam and the rain has slowed to a mild shower. The heat and humidity are still ridiculous, however… Oh well.

At least dinner was good.