Strawberries have been looking good. It seems to be kinda early in the season, for me, but…  good berries are good berries. I don’t know if the heat and drought in California are responsible, but here I am buying strawberries the first week in May.

I was hankerin’ for a pie, so I thought I’d try my hand at a strawberry pie. I hadn’t made one in years, but that never seems to stop me.

I just reworked the basic cherry pie I’ve made in the past – and seriously underestimated the amount of liquid the strawberries vs cherries would produce.

It was a bit of a runny pie.

I’m not posting a recipe because what I did really didn’t come together all that well – although it did taste really good. Hell… How could it not with 2 pounds of sweet strawberries in it?!?


It’s not a good picture, either, but what the hell. We ate it all!