Springtime. Salad. Two wonderful words.

It was actually warm, today, after the rain. I came home to windows open and fresh air in the house. What a treat! Nonna was in her room with the heat blasting and covered in her electric throw., but the rest of the house was cool and comfortable. A treat, indeed!

Since I worked until 6 – past Nonna’s dinner time – Victor fed her and he made us a leisurely dinner of teriyaki chicken salads. By the time mid-March hits, I’m really starting to crave greens. We still eat pretty seasonally, and fall and winter are casseroles and soups and the like. Spring and summer are salads and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We’re also having a bit of a weight-loss challenge at work and today was the first weigh-in. I didn’t gain anything over the week but lost less than a full pound. Since I didn’t really pay any attention to it until 2 days ago, I’ll take it as a success. But this should help me get on track.

You’ll note the hard-cooked eggs on the plate. They were Victor’s second attempt at cooking eggs, today. Here’s his story about the first batch:

I preformed a science experiment in my kitchen this morning. It’s simple and any of you can do it.

All I did was take six raw eggs and put them in a pot of water. I placed a lid on the pot and turned the burner up to high. Now – this is the important part.

I took a one hour conference call.

Here are the facts as I documented them:

  • Eggs in boiling water will be hard in approximately 4 or 5 minutes or less.
  • Boiling water evaporates.
  • Evaporated water turns to steam
  • Everything under the lid in the pot, the eggs and steam – begin to build up pressure.
  • After about 1 hour the pressure build up is so strong the eggs explode and the lid of the pot is sent flying about 6 feet across the room.
  • Exploding eggs rise straight in the air AND at about a 45 degree angle. This allows the exploding eggs to simultaneously cover the bottom the microwave/exhaust over the stove and the counter, backsplash and upper cabinets in a lovely coating of yellow and white flecks of exploded egg matter.

I’m not sure which laws of physics I proved (or broke) but I think steam and exploding eggs might make a good rocket propellant.

I tried to take photos but it just didn’t do it justice. (It’s been one of those weeks)

The kitchen was pristine when I arrived home and the salad was perfection.

What more can I say?!?