I’ve had city hams and country hams. Spiral cut and out of a can. Bone-in, bone-out, Virginia hams, Kentucky hams, and Honeybaked hams. Brown County Indiana hams, Niman Ranch hams, Cure 81 hams, and ham from Polyface Farm. Sliced hams, deli hams, hot hams, cold hams, picnic hams, deviled hams, ham salads, and just about every other kind of ham there is to consume.

Tonight, I had the perfect ham – and it came from Oklahoma. Yes, Oklahoma. Home of Robertson’s Ham. So perfect, that I’m going to order one for Easter. And maybe my birthday.


The ham was a gift from our friends, Ann & Julie.

Did I mention I liked it?!?

The flavor was unbelievably rich. It had the perfect texture, the perfect moistness. I didn’t do a thing to it. Nothing.

I wrapped it in foil and placed it in a 325° oven for an hour and 15 minutes.


It came out perfect. I know I’ve kinda overused that word, tonight, but…


It really was.

I’ve never been a huge-huge fan of spiral cut hams. I’ve bought them for the convenience, because they can be easy to slice when they’re cut right, but this really has made me see the light. The little extra effort in cutting is worth the immense flavor you get when the ham isn’t dried out from being cut in advance. And, of course, when it’s the perfect ham to begin with.

And I’m totally embarrassed about having canned green beans on the plate! Really… I thought I had broccoli in the ‘fridge. I forgot I used it. I buy canned vegetables for Nonna because she doesn’t like her vegetables to have any crunch.

Oh well… At least the mashed sweet potatoes were fresh. Just added salt, pepper, and a pat of butter.

I’m going to go in and bone the rest of the ham and set the bone aside for Victor to make some Lentil Soup. I think it would be the perfect dinner for Saturday – along with that second loaf of bread I baked, today!

Ann & Julie… Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You’ve just made the holidays easier for years to come!