I had chicken cutlets, I had bacon, I had puff pastry. I had dinner!

This was seriously a clean-out-the-refrigerator meal, tonight. Little pieces of this and that, combined into a pretty tasty dinner.

It started off with about 2/3 lb thin-sliced chicken breast. Next was 5 slices of bacon. Bacon and chicken are a natural combination. Add a bit of onion, garlic, bell pepper, and tomato, and it’s a downright party.

I chopped up the bacon and threw it into a skillet. After it started cooking up a bit, I added the onions. The smell of bacon and onions cooking together is gastronomic heaven. Add a bit of garlic, and it is over the top perfection.

Into that went a bit of bell pepper and chopped tomato. Salt & pepper.

I cooked off the chicken breasts in the same skillet and let everything cool.

I had 2 sheets of puff pastry, so I cut them in half and centered about a half-cup of shredded cheese on three of the pieces. I next split the bacon mixture into thirds – one part on top of the cheese. Finally, the chicken. Since it was small cutlets, I just added two pieces per bundle. The last half of puff pastry I cut into thirds and just added it to the top of each. Waste not, want not…

I wrapped them up end-to end and crimped the sides with a fork. Then onto a sheetpan and into a 420° oven for 20 minutes.


Some parsley buttered noodles – just a few – finished the plate.

None of us cleaned our plates. It was just too much! I really could have cut one in half. The good news is we have lunch for tomorrow.

It really was a fun dish and one that is rife with possibilities. I just have to try and remember portion size next time…