I am one happy guy, tonight – I have 14 quarts of homemade pasta sauce canned, labelled, and sitting on the shelf just waiting to be eaten!

A year or so ago we got a pressure canner to start making more things at home. Victor has made sauce a couple of times, but we’ve been out for weeks, now… I’ve been going through withdrawal. Having homemade sauce on the shelf is one of the most fabulous luxuries in life. Really. It’s always delicious, dinner can be on the table in minutes, and we know when it was made and what went into it.

What a concept, eh?!?

He started out with a case of Cento San Marzano tomatoes, a few pounds of pork, garlic, onions, basil, cheese…


All into the pot to simmer, slowly, for a few hours…

As soon as it reached its peak perfection, it went into jars…


I picked up a different jar this time around. I still have a slew of mason jars downstairs, but thought it time for something different.

They went right into the canner…


I really do like this so much better than doing the water bath – especially for quarts.  It also takes about half the time, start-to-finish.


The jars sit on the counter and continue to boil inside for a good 20 minutes before finally starting to cool down. It’s cool to watch.

But it’s even more fun to eat!


14 quarts and at least 2 other meals from one pot.

It’s been a successful day in the kitchen!