Squishy white bread is a once-a-year guilty pleasure. I normally don’t really care for it, but there’s something about turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and mayo on squishy white bread that just can’t be beat.

I know how worthless white bread is, but this once-a-year sandwich is worth whatever negative nutrition I’m getting from it. Really.

I even went out of my way to find actual Wonder Bread – the epitome of squishy white bread. I actually have no idea when I last had Wonder Bread, but today, it did the trick.

Stuffed from sandwiches, we continued on our Christmas Decorating roll. We’re mostly done, but still have a couple of little details and the outdoor lights to do. We’re probably going to go a bit over the top out back this year… We’ve always put up lights for our neighbor, Peg, to enjoy… Her husband, Ed – the first person we met when we moved in here almost 14 years ago – passed away this week, so the lights need to be a bit special.

Here’s a bit of what we’ve done this year… More pictures to follow on the Tim and Victor site…