Feeding a cold can be a real pain, sometimes. The taste buds are a bit dull so flavors need to be a bit sharp. And since I’m feeling a bit dull, sharp is somehow eluding me…

But when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, a perfect place to go is to Mom’s Cook Books… When I was a wee tyke she’d make me tea and toast – her magical cure-all. Sometimes cut in little squares, sometimes in triangles. And depending on the illness, sometimes with a bit of cinnamon sugar on top. It always seemed to work – part of a mother’s magical powers, I guess. While she’s no longer here to make me tea and toast, she did give me her cook books. It’s not quite the same as her telling me everything will be better in just a little while, but I can evoke her spirit just by picking up the books.

I wanted some fresh-baked bread and turned to her book for a bit of inspiration. I came across Cheese and Onion Bread and thought it would be perfect.

I was right. It was.


It was really easy to throw together and packed the wallop I needed, flavor-wise.

I’d love to know where she got all these recipes – which magazines or newspapers, the dates… what other recipes were there that never made the cut?!? Newspaper-wise, I’m pretty sure most of them came out of the San Francisco Examiner or the sadly-defunct San Francisco News Call Bulletin. Magazine-wise, it’s anyone’s guess. Mom loved her magazines, and had all of the Ladies magazines back in the day – Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping… As you can see by the recipes, dinner was never dull at our house!

And this bread wasn’t dull, either.


It was perfect – and just the Mom-fix I needed!