One of my (many) guilty pleasures in life is Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash.

I know… I know… For all the espousing I do on eating well, opening a can of corned beef hash seems pretty bad. Oh well. I’ve always liked corned beef hash and when I see it on a diner menu will almost always go for it for breakfast. Such is life.

My father would cook up corned beef hash now and again for breakfast with eggs fried in what seemed like an inch of oil. The man definitely had a way with food. He’d fry eggs that were actually crispy around the edges and brew the cheapest damned coffee on the planet – and we’d be lined up for more. Drinking bottomless cups of Lady Lee coffee – bought ground in 3-pound cans – and waiting for the next pot to brew.

Definitely good memories.

Victor had actually made a comment about corned beef hash a few days ago, and when I was at the store today, I grabbed some with the thought of making it for Sunday Lunch since he had made pumpkin scones for Sunday Breakfast.

Asking Nonna if she wanted corned beef hash and poached eggs for lunch was another who’s on first conversation… After a few minutes, she finally said yes, although the look on her face was more of a puzzled what are we having for lunch?!?

It’s always an adventure…

Perfectly-poached eggs atop crispy-fried hash. It was good. Real good.

And Nonna cleaned her plate. as well.