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A New Look


The fun thing about dabbling in web design is coming up with new ideas. The bad thing about dabbling in web design is never quite being satisfied with your latest new idea.

Today, I’m satisfied.

I had reworked the site over the past couple of weeks, but I wasn’t totally happy with it. I liked the layout and the general look, but it just wasn’t quite right. And then, this afternoon, Victor came in and showed me a few pictures he had just taken.

One – of a single fork – blew me away. The look I wanted was sitting there in that singularly-stunning picture!


I just knew it.

I knew I needed to crop it to fit the screen and not be hidden behind the text and when I imported it into an image the size I needed, it fit like a glove.


So now the question is… how long will I be able to leave well enough alone?!?

We shall see…



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