I just love coming home to dinner on the table! It really is one of life’s great luxuries. I cook dinner most nights and really do enjoy it, but if you’re cooking, I’m eating. Just show me where to sit.

Victor is a great cook. He’s instinctive. He just knows what will work. And this soup definitely worked!

He started by roasting the squash and then adding it to a quart of chicken broth. In went a bit of garlic and then some sour cream, and cayenne pepper.  He then added a can of cannellini beans and pureed it all with an immersion blender. I have said many time to go out and get one. It is indispensable in our house. He let it all simmer away until I walked in the door.

He drizzled the top with some of our Sicilian olive oil we hand-carried back from vacation, and added a dollop of sour cream.

It was awesome!  Rich, creamy, and lots of flavor. Even Nonna had two bowls and there was still enough left for Victor and Nonna to have some for lunch.

It was great!

This weekend is going to be a bit on the warm side so no more soups for a few days, but I can’t wait until they’re the every-night norm…

Bring on the cooler weather!