Last night was subs. Sausage and onion and peppers subs. And boursin cheese.

Every now and again I have to take something pretty basic and traditional and throw  wrench into it. This time, it was the boursin.

Boursin was très élégant back in the day – along with Mateus Rosè. It was like the first adult cheese and having a Boursin Burger was really hip and cool. Really. No making fun. We didn’t have Pinterest and Facebook and the internet to instantly see what gastronomical delights were being devoured in Sicily. Food was still local. It was before the celebrity-chef-of-the-moment and 1001 ways coconut oil will make your life perfect.

And that crockery Mateus bottle – perfect for candles when you didn’t have a straw-covered chianti bottle – showed you had graduated from Boones Farm. Playing grown-up was so much fun.

Fast-forward a few years and I still buy boursin. Mateus?!? Nah. I still like Chianti, however, albeit a little better quality…

Boursin is still a go-to cheese for mixing into mashed potatoes or melting over vegetables. It makes an instant sauce for steaks and is great in macaroni and cheese.

And stuffed into a burger. Can’t forget that one.