We woke up to a bit of a gray day, today. Since we had been following the weather, we knew we had a bit of a rainy day, today, so we didn’t plan anything other than a bit of recovery from the crazy travel day…

Of course, we all were up by 6am due to time-zone changes, so by 11, we decided to go out and at least see a bit of the town. It had stopped raining, and while still overcast, was quite pleasant.

By 1, we were ready for a bit of lunch, so we wandered into a small trattoria…

We had a blast between the owner’s lack of English and our lack of Italian. And the food was stupendous.

We started off with an anti pasti rustica – local salumi, a local cheese, local olives, local eggplant, home-baked bread, a fritatta, and a focaccia that more closely resembled what we would call a stromboli.

I have a feeling I’m going to be raving about anything and everything we eat. All of it was awesome.



My secondi was a tagliatelle with beef, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms… with toasted bread crumbs on top. So simple. So fabulous. Victor had a fritatta that was divine.



As we waddled around town and back towards the car, we found a paticceria. Cannoli. Filled to order as all cannoli should be.



But they took it a step further. Not only were they filled to order, they were placed on a heavy tray and wrapped like a present. All for 18 Euro! (That’s 2 bucks apiece!)



If you’re ever in Modica, it’s Chantilly Pasticceria – http://www.pasticceriachantilly.com. Another place where English was not widely spoken, but we had a lot of fun communicating!



And they’re even better than they look!

Tonight we’re going to stay in and eat light. We have two weeks of meals to get through – one at a time!