Chicken breasts grilled and then stuffed with spicy salsa, avocado, and covered with jalapeno jack cheese

It’s time to get things cleaned up around here before we take off on Friday. I have a lot of meals I never posted or talked about. It seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day, sometimes – but in just a few days, that is going to change…

Vacation… Sicily… Two glorious weeks with nothing to do but decide whether to slip into the pool or drive down the hill and dip into the Mediterranean.  La Dolce Vita…

I’m pretty psyched about this. We’ve never been to Sicily, we’re going with my big brother and baby sister, and we’ve rented a 4br villa with a pool in Modica – the unspoiled southeastern corner of Sicily. Dinner will be waiting for us when we arrive – along with 20 liters of local wine. The villa comes with an organic garden, also. I seriously cannot wait.

Veal Marsala - can't wait to get real Marsala IN Marsala
Veal Marsala – can’t wait to get real Marsala IN Marsala!

I really have no idea what we’re going to do once we get there. My only really need to is to see Mt Etna. It’s a pretty awesome deal. There are a few want-tos, as well… Marsala, chocolate – Modica is a chocolate-lovers dream – and a couple of pieces of pottery. And some swimming-in-the-Mediterranean-time. Otherwise, it’s 2 weeks of whatever.

Flank steak and peas with pancetta.

I really was psyched to learn about Modica’s chocolate – cold-ground just as the Aztecs did a millennium or so, ago. Part of the whatever-time will be exploring our town and sampling as much chocolate as I can. I’ll need to sample a lot so I can write about it. Right?!?

Chicken and sausage risotto with carrots.
Chicken and sausage risotto with carrots.

And a few pieces of pottery… We need a salt bowl and a pepper bowl for next to the stove. All of my salting and peppering is done with my fingers. It’s just the best way to do it and we have two small Ikea bowls that need replacing. Well… they only need replacing because we’re going somewhere that is bound to have something worth replacing them with.

Caribbean-spiced chicken skewers with coconut rice and pineapple.

I’d also like to get a new cake plate. And add a wing onto the kitchen to hold everything.

And eat. Fresh seafood. Little places off the beaten track. And I want to grocery shop and do a bit of cooking, m’self. Two weeks without thinking about time.

La dolce vita, indeed!