You’d think we had stopped eating around here!

I’ve been pretty busy migrating websites – including this one – onto a new hosting account.  The old account was old and clunky. Some sites were taking forever to load – and that’s just not a good thing.

So… to make a long story longer, I was spending pretty much every waking moment chained to the computer, downloading sites, uploading sites, recreating sites – and in a couple of cases, making brand-new sites.

It’s great having everything neat and orderly, again. There were 15 years of extraneous stuff on those old servers. It’s all neat and organised. Today.

We did eat while all this was going on. Victor cooked several nights when he saw me totally immersed in a move. This site, in particular, was fairly nerve-wracking.

I started this site back in 2005 and it has grown to 1700 posts and 8 cookbooks and recipe collections. Thousands of recipes that I would hate to lose.

When I finally got it moved and uploaded, none of the pictures were there. And let’s face it – it’s all about the picture! After a bit of mild panic – and extraordinary luck – I was able to upload them separately and have them actually link.

The Internet. Gotta love it.

Ya also have to love quick dinners when you’re otherwise detained. like the Stuffed Pepper Pasta, above. I took a jar of Victor’s Pasta Sauce and added ground beef and a jar of stuffed peppers. Mixed it with pasta shells and dinner was served. Simplicity.

And we did a quick pork tenderloin with tomato salad…



Nothing fancy – just quick and basic.

Another quick – as in unattended – meal was a stuffed round steak.


I cut and pounded the steaks, filled them with spinach. rolled and tied them, and then let them simmer in a bit of red wine and beef broth for a couple of hours.

I pulled them out, cooked the noodles right in the sauce, and dinner was served.

So… hopefully, I can start spending a bit more time in the kitchen and a bit less time updating websites for a while. I do enjoy both, but cooking takes the lead…