Sometimes you just have to do something because… This was one of those times.

I bought a package of panini slims. Slims have been the rage for a while  – they’re almost-see-through little rolls that barely contain whatever filling you put in them. A panini slim is another variation on the theme – rectangular instead of round. We have a panini press, so I decided to go for it in the form of cheeseburger paninis.

I made rectangular burger patties and threw them on the grill. Next, I, cooked up some bacon and opened a jar of roasted red peppers. Some thick slices of fontina cheese and a slathering of mayonnaise completed the sandwich. And then it went into the press.

It had all the makings of a great sandwich – but the bread was too thin. It just wasn’t enough to contain all that was going on. The thins themselves are okay – they just need a much thinner filling. Bacon, fontina, and red pepper spread would be a lot more fitting. Forget the burger, completely.

And one of these was way too much for one person. I could have easily made one and split it. But, I didn’t. Cybil ate well.

Since I tend to like heartier sandwiches, I probably won’t be getting them all that often, but they will be an option for a lighter sandwich with maybe a cup of soup.

All-in-all… not bad…