It hasn’t all been cake and pasta sauce this week! We really have done other things, as well.

I do take pictures of dinner most nights, but they don’t always get posted on the blog. I can get busy doing other things and next thing I know, a week has gone by without a post! Quelle horreur!

So here we have a few from this past week… Starting with tonight.

Roast beef. How … uh… normal. Normal, except we rarely actually cook a roast. It was an impulse buy at the store a while back and I decided it was time for it to come out of the freezer and see the light of day. I’m rather glad I did! I rubbed it with garlic, salt, and pepper and then seared it before going into the oven with about a cup of red wine.

I made a mushroom gravy, added caramelized onions from last night, and mixed it all with wide egg noodles. They were pretty good. They were a bit of a tribute to my mom who used to make some wicked-good noodles and gravy when I was a kid.

And speaking of caramelized onions form last night… They topped steaks that were also topped with some chopped bacon.


The broccoli rabe and the mashed potatoes were also topped with a bit of chopped bacon. It was good. Real good. None of us cleaned our plates.

And sadly, neither one of us can remember the sauce we had on the pork tenderloin.


Flat-out no idea.

I’m sure it was fabulous.