Our friend Ann sent Victor a recipe yesterday for her famous Fish Pie. One look at the recipe and I knew I was making it tonight!

It’s a really simple concept and really simple to put together. I could have used a teensy-bit larger casserole… I really tried to keep it small, but… The secret, of course, is no matter what the size of the casserole – place it on a sheet pan.

Ann’s recipe assumes you know how to make a basic white sauce and make mashed potatoes. Staightforward cooking at its finest!

Of course she doesn’t have a recipe, but here are the basics:

Fish Pie

A couple pounds of fish, a variety. Try some white fish, a few shrimp, and that salmon that is way past its use by date, is in the freezer looking odder every moment.

Thaw fish and cut into nice hunks, layer in the bottom of a greased whatever. I use a corning ware casserole.

Make about a cup of medium white sauce, flavored with sauted onion, tarragon, or whatever fresh herbs you might have. Herbes de Provence is a good choice, or maybe some dill. salt and pepper to taste.

Oh, and a grating of nutmeg, just because I always put it in a white sauce .

Add a couple of cups of frozen veggies or whatever leftover cooked veggies you have in the fridge. I used mixed vegetables.

Now while all this was going on, you were boiling potatoes, however many it will take to cover the top. I mashed them with butter and milk. Maybe add a beaten egg.

Bake at 350° for about 30 minutes. Place under the broiler for a minute if the top isn’t browned enough for you.

I used Alaskan cod and langostino tonight, along with a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. Herbes de Provence, and ppotatoes mashed with a bit of butter and sour cream.

It was awesome. Even Nonna cleaned her plate! And there’s enough left over for Victor and Nonna to have for lunch!

We will definitely be making this one, again!