Oh, our bags are packed, we’re ready yo go…

The plane leaves in a few hours… non-stop to Portland! It’s time for some quality family-and-friend time! We haven’t been west in 2 years. It is definitely time.

The main impetus for the trip is my nephew Bill’s wedding on Saturday. He’s marrying a most wonderful young lady in the redwoods of northern California. The setting couldn’t be more perfect.

And we finally get to meet two new great-nephews, Mason and Dylan!  And we get to see the original 13 nieces and nephews and meet some fiances, boyfriends, and/or significant others.  Plus seeing the siblings will be great. We tend to get loud when we’re all together. Good times are going to be had by all.

After the wedding, we’re back to Portland and then up to Seattle to see two of our most favorite people in the world! Back to Portland for a bit more family time and then home on the 20th…

Nonna will be taken care of by Victor’s brother and sister. She’s already dreading our leaving – she just knows no one can get her medication together like we do. And who’s going to fluff her pillow at night if I’m not there?!?  Cybil’s only concern is making sure she gets fed and gets plenty of treats. Dogs are so easy.

We’ll be taking lots of pictures, of course! My sister Phoebe and I are cooking the rehearsal dinner on Friday for about 45 people, and the wedding food is going to be a real treat – no spoilers! Plus we know that we’re going to be spoiled in Seattle!

See ya in a couple of weeks with a fun recap of the trip!