There’s a new fish in the neighborhood – wolffish! It is not bad.

Firm-flesh and buttery, it has characteristics of lobster – not surprising since it eats lobsters and mollusks… It holds together well and can be broiled, baked, grilled, or fried.

Tonight, I opted for a simple baking with panko breadcrumbs. I mixed the crumbs with olive oil and a pinch of garlic powder, salt, and pepper – I wanted to taste the fish. It went into a 350° oven for about 20 minutes and then under the broiled for another 2 or so. I probably could have let it go just a few minutes longer before turning on the broiler, but it came out great. I drizzled a bit of lemon butter on top just because…

Corn on the cob and scalloped potatoes finished it off.

Nonna ate every bite! I wasn’t sure about this one so I didn’t say anything. I just let her sit down. She literally ate every bite, so seafood will be on the menu a bit more often! I am pleased.

Later tonight we’re going to be working on a dessert concept for Wednesday. We have a great idea but have two different ways of going about it…  Both involve homemade ricotta.

Film at 11…