We had a bit of a victory in the Nonna-likes-and-dislikes-department, tonight. I pretty much know her likes, since I did her grocery shopping for quite a few years, but the dislikes can catch me off guard once in a while. I know about pumpkin and polenta – although she liked the polenta bites from Easter – but I didn’t know about non-red tomatoes, and while I knew she liked rice, I wasn’t sure about a whole-grain rice medley. I probably have 20 pounds of various whole-grain rices, from mahogany to black to a few blends that I bought prior to Nonna moving in. While I do like plain white rice, I really like the nutty whole-grain rices. And, thankfully, so does Nonna!

I cooked up a batch with chicken broth and a pat of butter and she went back for seconds! Victory, indeed!

The main course was a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin I cooked on the grill. I had a couple of pieces of bacon that needed using, so it was simply a matter of using up what was in the ‘fridge. I placed it on the top rack of the grill for about 30 minutes and then set it on the fire for the last 10 or so. I didn’t do anything else to it, at all. Came out great.

I think the most difficult part of having an 87 year old living with us – other than the oppressive heat – is the vegetables. Nonna is of the cook-them-to-death school. I think at some point I’m probably going to have to work out a separate set-up for us and her. But considering her likes far outweigh her dislikes, it’s a pretty easy fix.