We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. That hokey Hallmark-Florist-Candy-Industries-Holiday. We did the first few years we were together, but… heck – every day is Valentine’s Day at our house. We buy flowers for no reason, buy candy, or cook a special meal just because. We’re nauseating that way.

But just because we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day was no reason for me to not buy Victor a dozen roses, today, as well as plan a fun dinner. Just as there was no reason for Victor to buy me a dozen roses and a big box of chocolates. For not celebrating Valentine’s Day, we did pretty good.

It is typical that we both decided to ignore our non-Valentine’s Day. We also have a long-standing rule about not buying single-use appliances. One year for Christmas, we both bought the other the exact same Ice Cream Maker. Obviously, rules are made to be broken, around here.

The rule that wasn’t broken, though, was a fun dinner.  We do have those every night.

Tonight it was pork tenderloin, fresh spinach, and roasted little potatoes.

The pork tenderloin was really good. I sliced it open, filled it with Monterey Jack and Pecorino Romano cheese, and then wrapped the entire thing in bacon. Into a 425° oven for 3o minutes.

I can actually see this one in a lot of different ways. I have a few tenderloins in the freezer, so I think I may be experimenting in the future.

In the meantime, I’m off to chocolate-dip strawberries. You know… for that holiday we don’t celebrate…