I’ve probably mentioned a few (hundred) times that we never buy single-use appliances. I’ve also mentioned a few (hundred) times that there always seems to be an exception. I’m sure you will be shocked to learn there is now another exception.

Victor bought a citrus juicer.

He has become enamored with a small glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning and the 1930’s green pressed-glass juicer we have used since forever just wasn’t cutting it, anymore. And I hate to admit it, but I have to agree. For more than just a couple of oranges, it gets tiring at our advancing age.

I’m not a juicer-proponent, making drinkable meals from every form of produce, imaginable. I figure at some point my meals may just be in some form of liquefied state. I’m in no hurry to get there. But a glass of fresh heirloom orange juice is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast.

And fresh-squeezed orange juice deserves a great breakfast to go around it – Cinnamon French Toast and thick-sliced bacon filled the bill, this morning.


Gorgeous blue skies and sun streaming into the kitchen. It’s gonna be a fine day, indeed!

In fact, it has gotten us in the mood of looking into solar power for the house. I don’t know if it is feasible, I have no idea what it may cost, but… wouldn’t it be nice to get off the grid?!?

We’ll keep ya posted.