Once upon a time, a strip steak was called a New York steak. It was a reference to Delmonico’s in NYC – even though a “Delmonico” steak was actually a ribeye.  The eye of the ribeye, to be exact. I’m not sure how a strip steak became the New York reference, but it’s always been an expensive quality cut and New York is known as an expensive quality town… The restaurants and hotels I worked in always called them New York steaks – probably to justify the expense – and I did work at some expensive places.

So tonight I grilled a couple of New York Strip Steaks. Properly rare.

And I caramelized onions to top them. Very simply, sliced onions slow-fried in butter with a bit of salt and pepper. Unbelievably good.

The accoutrements were fresh brussels sprouts sliced thin and fried in a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper and twice-baked potatoes stuffed with sour cream and cheese.

It was good. Enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Later on… a bit of Pumpkin Cake.

Let the rain and wind begin.