Sunday Breakfast… What can be said that hasn’t been said before?  Probably not much – but that’s not going to stop me from adding more…

This morning’s gastronomic delight comes courtesy of Victor. He’s taking off tomorrow for Dallas for the week and wanted to make sure I had at least one decent meal while he’s gone. I tend to eat hot dogs and chili when he’s not here. I soaked the beans last night and will be starting a batch in a while.

I had brought home some English muffins yesterday with a vague idea of having them with breakfast, but while I was working on a web design this morning, Victor headed to the kitchen.

He decided he wanted poached eggs and then upped the ante to muffin sandwiches with poached eggs. With bacon. And brie.

Oh lord.

He also wanted the poached eggs to be reasonably the size of the muffins since they were going to be sandwiches. We don’t have poaching rings but we do have canning lids. The boy’s a genius – the ring was the perfect size. He just set them into the simmering water, cracked the egg inside, and then removed the ring when the egg was set. Did I say genius?!? Genius!

They came out perfect. Finger-licking runny yolks, perfectly-cooked bacon, runny brie, and crunchy-buttery muffin.

With freshly-brewed dark-roast coffee.

It just doesn’t get any better.

So I’m off to make the chili. It’s 49er Football Food today – and my staple for the week.