Well… I hate to say it, but the flu has hit our house. Victor came down with it in Dallas and felt so crummy he had to cut his trip short. It has not been fun.

I have been lucky, thus far. Even though he has been home – and sick – since Thursday, I have not come down with it. We’re taking whatever precautions we can, but… Neither of us had a flu shot. I haven’t had one since I stopped working in health care 12-ish years ago, and even though I’ve been exposed to it many times, I haven’t had the flu in maybe 45 years. I have been incredibly lucky, and I’m hoping beyond all odds that my luck continues.

Cooking has been pretty much vats of soup. First a huge pot of chicken noodle soup, then a pot of beef and rice soup. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Simple comfort foods. Lunch today will be little chicken salad sandwiches on little croissants.

Tonight, I think I’ll make a mushroom risotto. Simple, creamy, and comforting.

And lots of hand-washing.