I tell ya… I’m so old I remember when skirt steak was cheap. Then it got trendy and the price went up. Same thing happened to flank steak. Yep. Flank used to be cheap, too.

Both cuts are really flavorful and take marinades and seasonings really well. I usually like skirt steak for fajitas but tonight I was looking for a sandwich. I had seen a recipe for a skirt steak sandwich with corn mayonnaise that seriously intrigued me.  I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I love sandwiches and coming up with different ways to put things between a couple of slices of bread. This one was right up my alley.

I first marinated the skirt steak in a bit of olive oil, red wine, garlic, and salt & pepper. Later, I grilled it to a nice medium-rare and set it aside.

The original recipe called for grilling fresh corn on the cob, grilling red onions, grilling red peppers…  I was having none of that. First off, I don’t buy fresh corn in December. It’s not fresh. Second, it’s 35° outside. I’m not standing outside if I don’t have to.

I made the corn mayonnaise with a cup of thawed frozen corn, a half-cup of mayonnaise, a minced shallot, splash of red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and a hefty pinch each of basil and oregano.

To assemble, I sliced the rolls in half and hollowed out the top half and filled it with the corn mayo. On the bottom I laid out strips of jarred red peppers and then the thin-sliced beef. Covered with the top and Voila! a sandwich was born!

The potatoes came from Fine Cooking magazine…

I cut a russet potato into 8 wedges and boiled them until just barely done. I drained them and set them on a sheet pan and brushed them with olive oil and then rolled them in bread crumbs. On top, I sprinkled shredded parmesan cheese and baked them at 425° for about 15 minutes. The magazine picture doesn’t show what a pain in the arse it is trying to get shredded cheese to stay on a breaded potato wedge.

But they came out really tasty.

That’s it for now… Victor baked Ricotta Cookies and I think we need to sample them. Again.