In a magazine once upon a time, I saw a picture of a steak atop a bed of barely-wilted spinach and topped with parmesan cheese that had been melted under a salamander. I don’t remember the restaurant, I don’t remember the magazine, but I do (kinda) remember the concept. I think it was just a  basic steak that was topped with parmesan cheese and finished under a broiler. If it was more than that, well… such is life. This is pretty much what I remembered – and it worked quite well.

I had a steak ready for dinner and the idea popped right into the ol’ noggin just as I was getting ready to cook it.  It’s not unusual for me to change course right in the middle of cooking something. I just get an idea and go for it. I’m lucky that Victor is an enthusiastic – and non-fussy – eater.

The next idea was to use up the odd-and-ends of the french fries and onion rings that were in the freezer. Two kinds of fries and onion rings. They were topped with a bit of parmesan, as well.  What the heck.  It was there.

It actually was good.  A bit of the unexpected. The cheese was nice and salty so I didn’t need to add any more – just a hefty dose of black pepper. And I used frozen spinach because that’s what I had, but I can see how it would be good on a bed of barely-wilted fresh spinach.  Or arugula.

This is another one of those ideas where I can see a lot of possibilities…