In case ya haven’t heard, we have a bit of a storm heading our way.  In fact, not just heading our way, but heading our way!


I’m channeling my inner-Fireman’s Son and feel pretty confident – we have all the supplies and such we’ll need in the event of loss of electricity, limbs crashing down, whatever.  Batteries, electronics charged, gas in vehicles, food, propane, water…  Even our alarm clocks have battery back-up.  We’ll be fine.

But it is a bit strange to have a hurricane headed right towards your house.  Insurance is paid.

So…  with nothing to worry about, we had a simple dinner – ham steaks, mashed sweet potatoes, and peas.  Not The Last Supper – that’s tomorrow night when things are supposed to get interesting.

I just don’t want to lose electricity.  I know it’s pretty inevitable with a storm of this magnitude, but geeze…  Last big storm we lost it for 5 days – and cold showers are just no fun at my age.

So if the weather gods are willing, we’ll be here cooking our dinners and posting our pictures and talking about how nice it is to be indoors and dry.  And if the electricity does desert us, we have the electronics – as long as there is also cell service.  If there’s no electricity and no cell service?  We have movies and books – and lots of batteries.