I’ve made a lot of things with phyllo dough in the past – but never a custard pie.  I figured it was time.

It started off pretty easy.  I made my standard pumpkin pie filling and then started on the crust.  I buttered and layered about 8 sheets of dough, offsetting each one a bit to create a circle.  I then carefully placed it in the pie plate.  I poured in the filling, folded the overhanging phyllo dough up and over the filling and placed it in the oven at 425° for 15 minutes and then to 350° for another 45 minutes.  I laid a piece of foil over the top after 15 minutes to keep the phyllo from burning.

I checked on the pie and it was still completely uncooked!  I added 30 minutes – and then added another 30 minutes.  It was finally done after two solid hours in the oven!  A record, methinks!

So…  instead of dessert last night, it was dessert tonight.

It came out good.  The bottom crust was soft and not tough at all, and the top had a nice little crispness to it.  Still very traditional, but just different enough at the same time.