When there’s an 86 year old in the house, mealtimes tend to be pushed forward a bit.  It’s not horrible on a day like this since we’ll probably all be in bed early, anyway, if the lights go out, as expected.

This storm has been a pain already – and it really hasn’t even hit us, yet.  We’re still several hours away from that.

So…  we eat.  Eating does make the waiting so much easier.  In between bread baking and coconut bar baking, I made some sauce.  Just a basic onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, red wine, and ground beef.  Some Italian seasoning.  Nothing overly fancy.  I let it simmer for a couple of hours.  The manicotti came from the freezer – as did the hot Italian sausage that I simmered in the sauce.

It went into the still-working oven for 40 minutes.

Our house is actually pretty sound-proof and we haven’t heard much of the storm all day – periods when it picked up, but nothing deafening.  We’re definitely starting to hear it, now.

To paraphrase Bette Davis, we’re in for a bumpy night…..

But bumpy, or not, we’ll still eat well.