This is one of those meals that was created because of the ingredients I had.  And I’m thinkin’ I should have these ingredients around all the time!

There has been one rather large strip steak languishing in the freezer for a while.  All by itself, I’d just move it out of the way as I added or removed things.  Until last night.  I decided it was time to cook that sucker.

My first thought was making a simple beef stroganoff – I had the ingredients – but after starting, I decided beef, mushrooms, and mushroom ravioli would be more fun!  I had those ingredients, too.

I sauteed the beef in a bit of olive oil and then added the mushrooms.  I let it all cook down really well, and then added a splash of soy sauce and a splash of worcestershire sauce.  I then added maybe a cup of beef stock and let it all heat together.  When it was boiling, I added a bit of cornstarch to thicken.

In went the cooked ravioli, mixed well – and yum.

A pretty quick off-the-cuff dinner.